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Clear your doubts before choosing a professional for Wedding Photography and Videography Ireland

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Photography session of bride and groom at Slieve Russell Hotel
Wedding Photography and Videography Ireland

When two people decide to spend their lives together, it's a magical moment. If you take the time to find the right professional for wedding photography and videography in Ireland, you can rest assured that the results will be superb. In a perfect world, the outcome of your photo shoot with a professional photographer would be flawless. After all, photographs are a permanent record of a fleeting but significant time in the lives of your children, grandchildren, and other loved ones. Choosing a wedding photographer is crucial because you can only produce your wedding images once.

At Victoria's Art, we remain dedicated to our professional responsibilities and providing the best possible results for your life's most magnificent event. Here is a list of the frequently asked services below, our responses to those questions, and our thoughts and suggestions as wedding photographers and videographers because we know you probably have some.

Wedding photography and videography Ireland is a tough job:

Bride and Groom kiss together during a photography session

Wedding photographers and videographers specialize in wedding documentation. Hence, hiring the best photographers for wedding photography and videography in Ireland is crucial. Professionals have better equipment and can curate perfect frames than newcomers. A professional wedding photographer can help you capture delightful moments in every rite or occasion.

Here are some excellent reasons to hire professional wedding photography and videography Ireland team:

● Top-notch gear

● High-quality video and images

● Guaranteed punctuality for best results

● Trusting well-organized, client-friendly professionals

● Customized frames and positions

● Fast pair pictures and wedding film teasers

At Victoria's Art, we understand the sentiments of our client couples. This is why we are answering the top 10 questions of couples looking for professional photography/videography services for their big day.

Q1: Why should you consider hiring Victoria's Art Photography and Videography services when planning a wedding?

I know you could go with anyone to photograph your wedding, but Victoria's Art offers something genuinely special. We deliver you the best photography and videography services as most wedding photography and videography Ireland professionals provide, but we are different because our creative identity cannot be duplicated.

We strive to give you a pleasant, unique, and expert encounter. The bonds and friendships we form as professional couples with our clients are our sources of great satisfaction. This is the most critical factor in getting natural, relaxed, and realistic results when shooting people. In addition, professional equipment, including spare cameras and memory cards, are essential aspects to take the load off your shoulders on the big day.

Q2: How many hours of coverage are sufficient?

From getting ready to leave, most full-day weddings with a ceremony and reception take roughly eight hours. We recommend at least 8 hours of coverage, except for small weddings and elopements. We recommend expanding your coverage time if your ceremony and reception are in different locations. To avoid choosing between moments on your wedding day, allocate an extra hour or two for travel time between places. If your timeline needs an hour, add it a week before your wedding!

Picture of wedding ceremony at the Millhouse Hotel
Wedding Ceremony

Q3: Are you a venue specialist photographer/videographer?

The location where a couple exchanges their vows will be a part of their memories for the rest of their lives, which is why we always ensure to know the specialities of a venue. We are familiar with most local wedding venues and always visit a wedding location before photographing a wedding there, preferably with the couple.

Q4: What wedding photography packages do you usually offer?

Everyone enters a wedding photo shoot with unique requirements and expectations. To help our customers better understand the services we can feasibly give, the number of photographs they can expect, and the cost involved, we present them with a practical, organized, and priced photographic package. We offer comprehensive photography and videography packages, which include drone videography, a curated online gallery, a USB drive, a wedding album, and more.

bride and groom on the seaside with drone photography
Drone photography & videography

To cater to the varying requirements of our clientele, we can provide optional extras for an additional fee. There is general excitement about our latest live-stream video offer, particularly amongst couples.

Ceremony live stream video on a wedding day
Live stream video

Q5: What is the need for a second photographer/videographer?

Logistical factors may require a second to capture all the details. The primary photographer can take family and bridal, and groom photographs while their assistant takes reception details before guests arrive. If your getting-ready venues are far apart, you should consider hiring a second photographer to picture the bride and groom separately.

We are a married couple living our combined dream of being wedding photographers with bliss. Our understanding and dedication to our job make things more organized and professional when you hire us. We work together and provide you with a better experience in wedding photography / videography.

Q5: How would you describe your editing style and backup system for our wedding images and film?

Our photography style is more artistic; we look for the light. Instead of being light and airy or dark and dramatic, we'd like to consider ourselves neutral grey. We want vibrant, arresting pictures that draw attention to the topic and the background.

The wedding movies and pictures you share with us are just as beloved by us as you. If one of the cards in our camera fails, we have a backup strategy. After the ceremony and reception, we will back up all of your photos and videos to an external hard disk.

Q6: Do you accept a shot list, and how do you choose which moments to film and include in a wedding album/film?

Frankly, No shot list, please. We accept a family photo list but otherwise capture the day. Tell us about anything exceptional you want us to capture! We try to capture every moment of your wedding day, but candid shots are always preferable. It's your day, and that is why pre-planning involves you greatly. We want to capture the day as it is, but we also want to know what parts of your wedding are most significant: the ceremony, the vows, or the reception.

Q7: Do you edit wedding photos?

Yes, we do! Many wedding photographers skip editing. They'll say they don't edit since they take good photos "in-camera. We also perform "In-camera" photo correction "as it speeds up editing but doesn't eliminate it. We also never go formulaic to modify your images and never use "presets" on every photo.

Every photo needs post-production to be great! This covers skin retouching, lint/hair/dust removal, and other distractions. We customize each photo and pay proper attention to image production and post-production equally. Our Signature production will polish the photos we send you.

Q8: What about the hidden fees/charges?

We never hide anything from you, but even with clearly stated and transparent packages, there are always items that may cost more, so be sure to know what they are before selecting a wedding photographer. Imagine you buy a leather album instead of a vinyl one, and what if your album needs more pages or a particular size? We provide complete details of our packages and other charges, including traveling.

Bride and groom photography session
Wedding Photography - Candid Moment

Q9: When can I expect my photos and videos?

Let's be straightforward: every single couple wishes to get their wedding pictures immediately. Different wedding photography and videography Ireland services give you different time frames, anywhere from the next day to an entire year, to receive your wedding pictures. The photographer's schedule, other commitments, and editing style are all factors to consider.

Only trust people who say they can deliver images the following day if they specify whether or not they will also perform color corrections or fix any other issues. It also needs to be more professional to take more than six months to return wedding images.

We remain realistic to your expectations and may deliver your wedding album and film between two to six or eight weeks. But our live stream video services are making your dream come true to share your most beautiful moments with your loved ones (live) who cannot physically attend the event.

Q10: What does your regular photography/videography package include?

As mentioned earlier, we provide a variety of photography/videography packages that you can customize according to your needs and desires. Still, in general, our packages include the following:

● The Preparations

● The Ceremony

● Photographing the Bride and Groom

● Photographing The Wedding Party

● Family Group Photographs

● The Drinks Reception

● The Call to Meal

● Speeches

● First Dance

● Evening Entertainment

Wedding ring on the flowers
Wedding Ring

Have we met yet?

We are Damian & Victoria, a team of wedding photography and videography Ireland, with a vast amount of experience in capturing personalised ceremonies. We are always fully prepared with professional audio devices, cameras, and lighting to make sure your wedding looks perfect on both photos and videos.

If you would like to browse some of our real weddings, please take a look at our portfolio. And if you would like to see what’s included in our wedding packages, visit our offer page, or contact us directly.

Wedding Photography and Videography Ireland

For all other inquiries please email us at:

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