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Wedding Memories with our Photography and Single-Cam Video Package

Updated: Mar 29

What is a photography package that includes single-camera video coverage?

This coverage means hiring wedding photographers who can do both photo and video coverage at the same time. The video is captured using a single, high-quality camera, covering your entire ceremony, speeches, and first dance. Additionally, we offer private access to the uploaded video on YouTube, allowing you to easily share these cherished memories with friends and family. A lot of couples choose this option because it saves them from the hassle and extra espenses of hiring seperate teams for each, making the entire process more convenient.

So, if you prioritize photography but still want to have some video documentation of your event, something that's great for sharing online or just for your own memories and you want to keep the cost, single-camera coverage could be the perfect choice for you.

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How long is the video?

The duration of the video also can vary depending on the length of the ceremony, speeches and dances. For example, a traditional wedding ceremony that last for 30 minutes may result in a video of similar duration.

Will there be audio from the day in my video?

Yes of course, We use at least three different sound recorders on each weddings to capture audio in three different ways:

  • Wireless microphones attached to the groom and officiant

  • Recorders attached to the microphone during the toasts

  • On-camera microphone

By listening to the sounds of the day, such as music, laughter, and applause, it can bring back memories and feelings of being in the moment.

What are the advantages of choosing a single-camera wedding video over a multi-camera one?

  • Lower cost: Single-camera coverage typically requires less equipment and personnel, resulting in lower costs compared to multi-camera setups with an additional videographer.

  • Convenience: Booking a single supplier for both photography and videography can be more convenient than coordinating multiple suppliers for the same event.

  • Consistent storytelling style: With a single supplier handling both photography and videography, there's a greater likelihood of maintaining a consistent storytelling style and aesthetic between the photos and videos.

  • Low impact: There's less presence of a large team of videographers throughout the day, allowing for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Single-cam video is a relatively new approach to covering your wedding, primarily focusing on photography with the addition of video. It create a well balanced package that includes value once not possible from a photographer or videographer alone.

Some couples express regret over not having even a short film of clips from throughout the day to look back on. That's why, we have decided to introduce a new photography package that includes single-camera video coverage.

However, if you're seeking comprehensive wedding day videography, I would highly recommend our alternative package, which includes both photography and multi-cam video coverage with a dedicated videographer.

We hope you enjoyed this article and are considering the idea of incorporating single-camera video coverage into your wedding day plans.

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