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The Advantages of Having Two Wedding Photographers

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

A bride looking at the window at The Millhouse Exclusive Georgian Manor House
Two Wedding Photographers at Your Wedding

As any bride or groom knows, the wedding day is a unique experience that can't be replicated. That's why it's important to hire photographers who can capture all the details of your big day.

However, you might be surprised to learn that having more than one photographer at your wedding can benefit not only your photos but also the video! Here are some reasons why hiring two photographers makes sense:

More Photos From Different Angles and Perspectives

Having two photographers means you get more photos. More angles, more perspectives and even a few video clips when possible. Who doesn't want more photos of the happiest day of their life?

First Look of bride and her faily at the Millhouse - Exclusive Georgian Manor House
The first-look photo was taken by the first photographer.

 Bride First Look at the Millhouse - Exclusive Georgian Manor House
The first-look photo was taken by the second photographer

Getting Ready Photos at Two Locations Made Easy

One of the biggest advantages of having two photographers is that they can cover both locations during the morning of your wedding when the couple is getting ready - even if that's two separate locations. This way, you'll have photos from all angles and perspectives when it comes time for your wedding album!

Groom getting ready at the Millhouse Hotel
The groom is getting ready at a different location

Comfort with a Male and Female Photographer for Getting Ready Shots

Some couples are more comfortable with a female photographer, and some are more comfortable with a male photographer. Some couples prefer to have a same-sex photographer while getting ready, and we understand that! Our team is comprised of one male and one female photographer allowing both the bride and groom to feel comfortable during the getting-ready process.

Recording Video Clips - Only Made Possible with Two Photographers

Video clips are an important part of your wedding photography package. A lot of couples don't realize this, but the best way to capture your day is by having two cameras and two photographers.

If you only hire one photographer, they will be unable to film any of the events going on at once because they'll have their hands FULL taking photos!

A group wedding photo at The Millhouse - Exclusive Georgian Manor House
A group photo taken by the first photographer

Group Sessions Become Effortless with Two Photographers

Group photos can be tricky to shoot. You want everyone to look their best, but you also want to capture the moment as it happens. Having two photographers will allow you to focus on shooting the group picture and the other on capturing individual shots and making sure that everyone looks their best by fixing hair, adjusting poses, etc.

Individual shot taken by second photographer
Candid photos taken by the second photographer

A Second Photographer is Included in Our Packages - More Value for Your Money

For your wedding, we include a second photographer in all of our packages. This means that you will have more value for your money, as having two photographers and an extra set of eyes to capture those special moments that happen throughout the day. It also helps us cover more ground so we don't miss anything important!

You Get a Backup of Extra Photos

You might be wondering why this is important and how it can benefit you to have two photographers at your wedding. Having two photographers means that they're able to capture more images from different locations around the venue as well as using different lighting conditions. This means that instead of having just one set of pictures from one angle (which may not suit all occasions), now there are multiple options available!

Two Wedding Photographers are going to add So much value to your day!

We offer - a team who will work together to give you all the images from your special day so that there won't be any missed moments.

Happy couple got married at The Millhouse Hotel | Slane | Wedding photography
Congratulations on a spectacular wedding

We hope you've enjoyed our list of the advantages of having two wedding photographers and are ready to learn more about our services.

Have we met yet?

We are Damian and Victoria, a married couple that were once in the same position that you are now-planning our wedding and making sure we picked the right photography and video team to capture the happiest day of our lives. We know first hand what you’re feeling on your wedding day and what you’ll expect to see in the final product.

Our speciality is fine art photo and film, and our drone films are unique and breathtaking, so make sure you ask us about that when you enquire!

Two Wedding Photographers

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