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Why hiring Dublin Wedding Photographer with a drone will elevate your wedding to the next level

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Drone photography of bride and groom on a wedding day
Capturing intimate moments from the air

What’s a drone, and why should you use one for your wedding?

Drone’s have been used since the 1800’s for aerial photography but were not really used by digital creators as much until the last decade. They are “sky high, flying, unmanned cameras” that double up as remote controlled toys for the enthusiasts among us!

The whole of the photo and film industry has really evolved since digital cameras were invented and with better technology and and affordability, many digital creators are adding a drone to their camera bag.

Bride and Groom session with a drone
Drone wedding photography & videography

So how does that come into play with your wedding and why should you ask for one?

Well if you consider one of the reasons you’ll want a wedding photographer and film maker at your wedding in the first instance; we are able to see moments and capture them from angles that look amazing, then take that and sprinkle some fairy dust on it.

The POV achieved from flying a drone above your subject is unmatched-it offers a birds-eye-view angle which can look amazing with group photos, venue photos, smoke bomb photos and much more. Not to mention the cinematic slow motion film footgage that adds that extra magic to your wedding video.

Can anyone use a drone?

You need to be IAA certified and have experience to fly a drone. However fun they are to use, it takes skill and experience to be able to get the creamy cinematic footage and the awesome aerial photos that we capture. Don’t let uncle bob buy one from the toy shop and bring it to the wedding, you’re better off letting us handle it for you-believe us, it’s so worth it!

Drone photography of the wedding venue
Wedding venues are some of the most stunning and inspiring locations to shoot

How much does it cost to have a drone at a wedding?

If you were to hire a drone operator as well as your wedding photographer it can quickly see your costs escalate and the best ones can cost anywhere up to €1000. Luckily for you our drone is already included in our package ! See some examples of our previous drone work here:

Have we met yet? We are Damian and Victoria, a married couple that were once in the same position that you are now-planning our wedding and making sure we picked the right photography and video team to capture the happiest day of our lives. We know first hand what you’re feeling on your wedding day and what you’ll expect to see in the final product.

Our speciality is fine art photo and film, and our drone films are unique and breathtaking so make sure you ask us about that when you enquire!

Your memories will form part of your legacy and will last a lifetime, allow us to make sure your album is full of genuine smiles and happy moments.

Contact us today to talk about how we can work together to make your special occasion memorable.

If you would like to browse some of our real weddings, please take a look at our portfolio. And if you would like to see what’s included in our wedding packages, visit our offer page, or contact us directly.

Dublin Wedding Photographer

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