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Smoke Bombs for Unique Wedding Portraits | Ireland Photography

Updated: Mar 17

Bride and groom enjoying time with smoke bombs
Wedding couple with smoke bombs in Ireland, unique photo

So you’ve decided that your wedding day should be full of fun and overall a party for you and your loved ones to celebrate, but you’re sat there wondering just how can you elevate your photo album from being great to being absolutely awe inspiring?

Well you’re in luck, we have the exact answer for you; smoke bombs!!

What are smoke bombs?

Think a grenade, but with smoke! Instead of a big bang, you get a big cloud of colorful smoke which makes any photos look epic, especially wedding portraits!

There are typically two types of smoke bomb used for photos, canned smoke bombs that you light with a lighter and wire pull triggered smoke bombs, the latter being our recommended smoke bomb of choice.

Are they safe to use?

We suggest using wire pull smoke bombs for your wedding photos. Not only are they easier to light, and look better in the photos, but they are also non-toxic and bio degradable. They can usually cost a little more than the lighter started smoke bombs (up to €100) but it is well worth it to make sure that not only are they better to use but also safer and a nicer overall experience. So you get to look epic in your photos and be environmentally conscious at the same time.

Where can we find smoke bombs for our wedding?

We are so glad you asked, we provide them as part of our photo and film package for you!

Photo of Bride and Groom with smoke bombs
Wedding couple with smoke bombs in scenic field, Victoria Photography in Ireland

How do we use the smoke bombs?

Usually when used with wedding portraits, smoke bombs are held behind you or above you as you walk and also look great if you have members of the bridal party walking along behind you, all with different colours.

Not only do the portraits look amazing but when we use a drone to capture the smoke bomb action from above it adds that little bit of extra spice to your gallery and video too.

How many smoke bombs should we use?

You can have just a couple of them for your portraits or use anywhere up to 20 if you want the group photos to be involved in the smoky and colourful goodness and fun! We can place one or two behind you as a back drop as you walk away looking like you’re on the set of the latest Bond movie, you can each hold one in your hand above your head and smile or strike a cool pose, it’s ok to hold them as they are cool burning which means they won’t feel hot when held! There are so many cool ways to use smoke bombs for your wedding photos, we can discuss that with you as your day approaches to make sure we come up with an awesome plan to get you those awesome shots of you looking the bomb (pardon the pun)

Wedding party having fun with smoke bombs
Wedding couple with colorful smoke bombs in field, unique portrait

Have we met yet? We are Damian and Victoria, a married couple that were once in the same position that you are now-planning our wedding and making sure we picked the right photography and video team to capture the happiest day of our lives.

We know first hand what you’re feeling on your wedding day and what you’ll expect to see in the final product.

Our speciality is fine art photo and film, our style is candid, fun, and unposed.

Your memories will form part of your legacy and will last a lifetime, allow us to make sure your album is full of genuine smiles and happy moments.

Contact us today to talk about how we can work together to make your special occasion memorable.

If you would like to browse some of our real weddings, please take a look at our portfolio. And if you would like to see what’s included in our wedding packages, visit our offer page, or contact us directly.

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