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Why You Should Have a First Look with Your Mom at Your Wedding ♡

Updated: Apr 24

Do you have a special relationship with your mom and want to do something special for her at your wedding? Why not have a first look with her?

A first look is a moment between the bride and mother where the bride gets to see her mom before walking down the aisle. This tradition is gaining popularity as it allows mothers and daughters to share an intimate moment before they make their way to the ceremony.

Here is everything you need to know about having the most memorable first look with your mom at your wedding.

 A Mother-Daughter First Look in Dublin

What is a First Look and Why You Should Have One?

First looks are a wonderful way for you and your loved ones to get photos together before the ceremony. You can capture moments with your new spouse, siblings, children and even mom.

Where is the Best Place to Do Your First Look with Your Mom?

Where do you want to do your first look with your mom?

● At the church where you will be getting married.

● At the reception site where you will be having your wedding reception.

● In a beautiful park or garden or another natural setting.

When You Should Do Your First Look?

First looks should be done before your ceremony. This way, your parents and other loved ones, in this case, your mom, can see you before you walk down the aisle.

To top it all off, after your first look, there will be plenty of time for confetti photos with loved ones and bridal party members to capture all the excitement and happy atmosphere before you tie the knot! For more ideas on confetti pictures, check out this blog: Confetti Wedding Photography

How You Should Prepare for Your First Look with Your Mom?

If you want to make sure the first look with your mom goes off without a hitch, here are some things to consider as you get ready:

● Get hair and makeup done—for both of you! The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is stress out over whether or not everything looks just right. If possible, schedule an appointment with a professional stylist who can take care of any last-minute details on both you and your mother before you take your first look photos.

● Put on your dress so that she can see how beautiful and happy you look in it!

● Make sure your photographer and videographer are in place and ready to capture this special moment.

Preparation in Emerald: A Dublin Duo - Mother and Bride Getting Ready in Ireland's Capital

There are so many beautiful photos that can be snapped during a first look between mother and daughter. A first look with your mom at your wedding may be a beautiful memory you didn't know you needed.

Having the opportunity to see each other before the ceremony can be a fun, intimate moment for both of you and will make it easier for everyone else to get into the spirit of things when they see how happy you are together. You'll feel more relaxed and excited about sharing this special day with everyone in attendance.

If you're still not sure about whether or not a first look with your mom at your wedding is for you, we hope this post has helped you decide. For more wedding tips and tricks, be sure to follow along with our blog.

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