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Why You Need Under the Veil Shots in Your Wedding Photo Album ♡

Updated: Apr 3

As wedding photographers, we are always hunting for that one shot of our Dublin couples that symbolises their day, and their love. And more often than not, it’s our under the veil shots that gift us the perfect image. The intimacy, romance, and statement they create makes them our favourite shots to capture!

Today we’re going to share further why you need under the veil shots captured by your wedding photographer, and how best to take them.

Joyful newlyweds under veil
Joyful newlyweds under veil.

Why We Love Under the Veil Shots

Following your ceremony, and while your guests are enjoying an afternoon cocktail, or finding their seats at the reception. We’ll often be with our couples, shooting their portraits. It’s a special moment. A time when our newly-weds are still flushed with excitement at actually tying the knot, and typically very loved up! To celebrate this, we always suggest under the veil shots.

When capturing images of couples under the veil, it gifts a sense of closeness that no other shot can create. Like there’s nobody else around, and nothing matters but them. True intimacy. Plus, when flying the veil, it creates a really dramatic effect, one that if done right, feels effortlessly natural.

Our under the veil shots are often not only our favourite images of the day, but our couples too. We’ve had countless clients frame theirs, and give it pride of place in their home.

How Best to Capture Under the Veil Shots

A few simple tips that should help you create that perfect shot.

Time it Right

We would normally try to capture portraits at Golden Hour in the afternoon, as this time of the day offers the most flattering, and pleasing light. Especially when taking under the veil shots, as the soft, warm light pouring through the fabric is just so delightful.

Choose a long veil

Whether you wear a veil for your ceremony or not, for portraits, it’s always better to choose a longer style. Having more fabric to work with gives us, as wedding photographers, much more creative freedom. We can fly the veil better, we can properly get the camera underneath it and it creates a more intimate environment for the couple.

If you have opted for a shorter veil for your vows, maybe consider having two veil looks, and you’ll get the best of both worlds. We work closely with the guys at Just Say I Do Bridal, and they are experts in all things veils! So if you need some advice, or would like to find the perfect style, feel free to get in touch with Katie at the shop.

You Need a Wedding Photography Team

We are a husband and wife team, which makes capturing under the veil shots, and flying the veil shots, a breeze! Without my partner holding out, or tossing up the veil, it would be almost impossible to capture such good images. Plus, we are both experienced in how exactly the veil should move, and when. Therefore, it’s important you have a photography team looking after your wedding. As together they should achieve much better results.

Choose the Right Veil Weight

The weight of your bridal veil will change the way it flows and falls. Beaded bridal veils, for example, fall the fastest, while lace-trimmed veils flow more freely, and plain styles fall the slowest. Capturing the most natural breeze as they descend.

If you’re dreaming of a wind-swept image, choose a single layer veil, with little detailing. And when it comes to materials, a delicate tulle will flutter much more naturally than rigid tulle. Again, if you need further bridal veil tips, please do get in touch with Just Say I Do Bridal, and they’ll steer you in the right direction.

Hopefully we have inspired you to include under the veil shots as part of your wedding photo album. It would be a pleasure to help you further, and actually be on your wedding team! We are experienced wedding photographers and videographers, with a love for natural, romantic big day imagery that truly represents our couples’ day.

If you would like to browse some of our real weddings, please take a look at our portfolio. And if you would like to see what’s included in our wedding packages, visit our offer page, or contact us directly.

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