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Major Factors that Impact the Wedding Photographer Dublin Prices

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

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Wedding Photographer Dublin prices

Pricing photography can be complicated. However, it is essential to hiring a wedding photographer and cannot be avoided. So many factors, including the market, demography, and skill set, that impact wedding photographer Dublin prices

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Factors decide wedding photographer Dublin prices:

When organizing a wedding, you may also have to deal with photography costs, which vary widely depending on several variables. Some significant factors are as follows:

· Time of a wedding:

Wedding costs are heavily influenced by the time your event takes place during the wedding season. A pleasant weekend morning in March or a gorgeous Saturday in May is the perfect time to get married; your photographers' prices can reflect that. Wedding seasons depend upon the habitat regions. For southwesterners, June-August is off-season, but it's wedding season for most east coast and northern locals. Off-season and peak time may affect your wedding photographer Dublin prices.

If you're hiring a local photographer for a destination event, double-check to see if your photographer, site, and caterer may charge less if you have a weekday wedding. Receptions in the late afternoon or early evening are cheaper for morning weddings.

· Work Schedules:

Many couples often prefer a full day of photography. However, this results in higher hourly rates and dramatically impacts the total cost of the event. An hourly photography rate is the most cost-effective way to employ a professional photographer in Dublin.

Saving money on photos requires careful forethought and preparation. Pre-plan your locations, photos, and assignments to reduce wasted time. Victoria's Art recommends keeping photos to a minimum or at least a manageable number of hours to avoid breaking the bank on your big day.

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· Pre-wedding photo shoot:

Couples prefer this new style of wedding photography; the pre-wedding photo session package lets couples see the on-camera look. This pre-wedding photography helps camera-shy people adjust to stressful conditions; however, these mentally pleasing shoots increase wedding photography pricing.

· Travel costs:

Local weddings and local photographers will only impact the wedding photography budget. Local photographers can commute cheaply to a wedding site. Destination weddings cause issues because the photographer's crew needs to travel to your sometimes distant location. Destination weddings are possible if you can afford photography but address travel expenses early to avoid discrepancies; after all, your wedding photos are among some of the most important you will ever take.

· Professionalism:

The top local wedding photographers charge more. Many bridal photographers underprice their services to get started, which may show in their photos. Not all novices are bad, but you need samples to ensure you won't get bad photos.

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· Wedding photography package:

Wedding photography packages are bundled services for a set fee. Pitch packages to clients with varying budgets and needs by creating packages with different prices. Photographers prefer to price their services individually. For instance, setting hourly rates for particular hours of photography coverage. This pricing system allows more customization, notably for add-ons, than the previous one.

· Wedding photo-album:

A picture goes beyond that one single moment captured. It can bring back the whole vacation the family experienced together and the emotions that were evoked during that time.

This is an additional investment in your memories that will help you in the future.

· Add-ons:

These are wedding photography bundle add-ons. A second wedding photographer can help catch all the moments. This allows a photographer to be with the bride getting ready and the groom without losing a moment. When booking your bridal photographer, discuss what you want and don't want. Most photographers can tailor packages to your wants and budget.

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There is a novel photography package available from Victoria's Art that contains not only still images and an album but also video clips of your wedding, working together to take still photographs and film clips throughout the day. Many couples choose this exciting extra for their day so that friends and family members who couldn't make it to the wedding can still feel like they were there in spirit. Even if you have to spend a little more on wedding photos, you can rest assured that the added value is well worth it.

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Have we met yet? We are Damian and Victoria, a married couple that were once in the same position that you are now planning our wedding and making sure we picked the right photography and video team to capture the happiest day of our lives.

Contact us today to talk about how we can work together to make your special occasion memorable.

Wedding Photographer Dublin Prices


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