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First Look with Bridesmaids: A Cute Wedding Idea

Updated: Feb 22

Your wedding day is full of many special moments, most will make you smile, some will make you cry and others will make you laugh.

The Importance of Candid Photos on Your Wedding Day

One of the best parts of the day for candid photos that fill your album full of genuine smiles and creates some of the most memorable moments is the bridal prep.

When you’re getting ready it is usually a relaxed and fun part of the day, you and your bridal party are wearing matching robes and enjoying the special time together as you’re getting glammed up by your make up and hair artists.

Bride having a first look with her bridal party, creating a special moment filled with genuine emotions and happy tears

Some of the cutest moments we have experienced over the years have been the when the bride has a first look with her bridesmaids.

Bridal party weaaring matching robes as they get ready together

The reactions are always such an amazing vibe, full of gasps, squeals and usually the odd happy tear or two!

Creating Memorable Moments: The Big Reveal with Your Bridal Party

Whilst unobtrusive, we can still help set this moment up for you on the day. The best moment for the big reveal comes once you’ve finished getting ready, so once make up and hair is finished we can get you in a separate space to get into your dress and invite your bridal party in to the room to see you for the first time.

Not only does this yield some amazing memories for your album, it also gets rid of your pre-wedding nerves.

You will all be happy and as the bride, being showered with compliments and adoration from your closest friends makes you feel amazing in those moments before you’re about to be taken to the ceremony room and your nerves will turn into feelings of happiness and excitement-the big moment is about to happen!

Your wedding album tells the story of your wedding day and the beginning of the day happens with you getting ready. What better way to re-live these memories than with the genuine smiles and happy tears that you shared with your bridal party?

Bride First look with Bridesmaids
The emotions in the photo tells the whole story!
Braidsmaids cheering up during a first look with Bride
Their reactions are everything!

Have we met yet? We are Damian and Victoria, a married couple that were once in the same position that you are now-planning our wedding and making sure we picked the right photography and video team to capture the happiest day of our lives.

We know first hand what you’re feeling on your wedding day and what you’ll expect to see in the final product.

Our speciality is fine art photo and film, our style is candid, fun, and unposed.

Your memories will form part of your legacy and will last a lifetime, allow us to make sure your album is full of genuine smiles and happy moments.

Contact us today to talk about how we can work together to make your special occasion memorable.

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