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Exchanging Letters on Your Wedding Morning: A Guide for Couples and Photographers near me

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Nothing is more romantic than writing a love letter, especially on the morning of your wedding. Not only does it help you get into the right mood for the big day, but it also helps set the tone for the rest of your lives together. Here is why you should consider exchanging a love letter with your spouse on the morning of your wedding:

Beautiful bride spend a moment to read a love letter during her preperations.
Exchanging Letters on the Morning of Your Wedding

What is a Wedding Letter, and Why is it Important?

A wedding letter is a collection of your hopes and dreams for the future, written to your spouse on the morning of your wedding. When it comes to romance, there are few things more romantic than receiving a love letter from someone who cares about you deeply. It's a way to share with each other what you are looking forward to in life together and can be kept alongside your wedding photos, and other mementoes are a family heirloom.

We really love the idea of writing your wedding love letter and then allowing your wedding videographer to record you reading it to your spouse aloud. This way, your voice reading those sweet words to your partner can be played over your wedding video - how romantic!

How Long Should Your Wedding Letter to Your Spouse Be?

The length of the letter is up to you, but we would suggest keeping it short and sweet, typically under a two-minute read or one page. It should be personal to you and your partner. Try to write this letter on the day of your wedding or the day before to truly capture your wedding day's emotions.

Reading a wedding letter by a bride with tears and emotions.
A Groom's Emotional Message to His Bride

How to Write a Wedding Letter to Your Bride or Groom and What to Include

Whether you're writing a letter to your bride or groom, the best way to get started is with an introduction.

"Dear [spouse's name]," but feel free to use whatever language feels right for you and your partner!

Next, it's time to dive into the heart of the letter: how you feel about them. You should write about how long you've known each other and how much they have meant to you over time. If possible, include some of your favourite memories together as well as from more recent events in your relationship with them; after that move on to the ending of your wedding letter. This part should focus on what their future will look like now that they'll be married - whether it means having children together or moving across the country so one spouse can pursue higher education opportunities (or both!).

Groom is reading a love letter from bride
Wedding letter from bride

Video Examples of Wedding Letters

For an example of what you can expect when you have a wedding videographer capture your wedding letters on film, check out this recent video from Victoria's Art Wedding Photography and Video.

A beautiful bride, bathed in soft light, reads a heartfelt letter from her groom at the Galmont Hotel & Spa in Galway, Ireland

The reading of your wedding letters not only adds to your special day but makes it that much more romantic - and who doesn't want more romance at their wedding?

All in all, exchanging wedding letters on the morning of your special day is a great way to show your love and commitment to one another. It can be a very special moment that you both cherish forever on paper and in your wedding video. We hope this article has given you some inspiration for what to say in your own letter and how you can incorporate a wedding letter into your wedding video or live-stream video!

 A close-up of a groom's handwritten, sentimental letter titled "Whispers of Love" to his Dublin bride

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